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Reconstructive Urology Training - Kigali, Rwanda

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AfricaWe are excited to announce a GURS sponsored opportunity for reconstructive urology fellows or residents planning on pursuing reconstructive urology training.  In conjunction with IVUmed, two fellows/residents will be sponsored to travel to Kigali, Rwanda to participate in a reconstructive urology workshop from May 31 – June 9, 2019. The workshop will help increase capacity for quality care in East Africa. Kigali, Rwanda serves as a training hub for the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa (COSECSA). Our work there will reach surgeons from throughout the region as well as their trainees and the patients they serve.

Program Activities

The team will consist of two sponsored fellows or residents, two reconstructive urologists, and nursing support. The team will be active at two sites in Kigali, the University Teaching Hospital of Rwanda and the Rwanda Military Hospital.  Both sites are safe work environments and have hosted teams from IVUmed before.  These teams have led successful workshops focused on reconstructive urology and urologic oncology. GURS scholarship recipients gain valuable intensive surgical experience, the opportunity to work with additional mentors, and an introduction to a lifetime of global volunteer experience. 

RwandaScholarship Support

Recipients of the GURS scholarship will be provided (via IVUmed) support for documentation needed in Rwanda to participate in surgery, travel insurance, flight, and accommodations in Kigali. 


Applications are due March 1, 2019

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IVUmed’s Work

IVUmed provides training requested by host partners by matching them to experts in the areas they seek to learn. Teams return regularly to each site until a topic is mastered. Intensive surgical training and efficiently run organization reach hundreds of doctors and nurses, and thousands of patients each year. IVUmed’s Teach One, Reach Many philosophy guides the local providers in each site, and makes our efforts effective, responsive, and truly sustainable.



We are grateful for the generous support from Boston Scientific to make this program possible.

Jeremy Myers, MD
Secretary GURS 2018-2021
Associate Professor
University of Utah Department of Surgery

Kurt McCammon, MD
President GURS 2018
Professor – Chairman
Eastern Virginia Medical School